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Hello, we are Spenitt

Experience the magic of softness with Spenitt!

Being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how. But Spenitt makes it easy for you. We create healthier options keeping in mind the generations. As a parent, we understand the never-ending difficulty and anxiety you have! We are here to help you with the best baby care available to you! Now you can phew off the sweat from your forehead and relax.

The most stumbling task is maintaining hygiene, and it’s essential to keep the bacteria at bay! And that’s where Spenitt is an expert! We produce top-notch quality clothes that are perfect for your baby’s skin.

Our establishment stepped its foot in the year 2009 and is a grand success. Our happy customers always choose Spenitt due to the quality and the hospitable service of our company.

Gender Neutral

Super Soft and Breathable

Happy Prints

Bold and Colourful

No Tags, No Labels

Quality Control

Anti-sweat odor:

The foul smell of the sweat irritates the baby. We take care to produce the finest clothes that are sweat and odor resistant.


Freshness is another companion of Spenitt. We have apparels that are fresh as a rose, and the baby will love it!

Soft touch:

Spenitt encourages to produce attire with soft touch fabrics which are very gentle with the baby’s skin. The dresses in Spenitt are so soft that the baby will experience a feathery feeling.

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